Hiring:RxLibra Recruiting Chief Medical Officer

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ID HR-2022041901

Posted Date 20/04/2022

Application Deadline15/05/2022


Department:Department of Medicine

Demand Position:Chief Medical Officer

Number of recruits:1 person

Recruitment company: RxLibra Development

Working address:River Orchid,Vientiane(Google map Plus Code:XHHV+2M)

Resume E-mail:HR@rxlibra.com OR:Contact HR


In order to continue our accelerated growth, we are currently looking for talents with academic knowledge and brand building ability join our team.

1. Responsible for formulating network promotion strategies and plans

2. Responsible for the content operation of the company's network platform

3. Responsible for social media promotion and promotion

4. Responsible for planning academic exchange activities and participating in exhibitions

5. Responsible for cooperating with the channel department to hold promotional activities

6. Other matters beneficial to the development of the brand


Medical or pharmacy education background, Good use of graphic design software, and event planning ability.

Employment Conditions:

Full time, 8 hours a day,Vacation time in accordance with company regulations.

Trial period: 1 month

Salary: Basic salary + performance commission

  • Basic salary: 4 million Lao Kip
  • Performance commission: jointly specify KPI assessment standards and performance commission standards with the company's management.

On-the-job training: we will be providing detailed guidelines

About company

RxLibra Development operates in the fields of health, medicine and pharmaceuticals, and promotes the development of the medical and pharmaceutical industries through information technology.RxLibra Pharmaceutical Information Technology Development Service Co., Ltd.Abbreviation: RxLibra Development.Konw More:www.RxLibra.com




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