Hiring:RxLibra Recruiting Sales Manager

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ID HR-2022061501

Posted Date 15/06/2022

Application Deadline15/09/2022


Department:Department of channels

Demand Position:Sales manager

Number of recruits: 2 persons

Recruitment company: RxLibra Development

Working address:River Orchid,Vientiane(Google map Plus Code:XHHV+2M)

Resume E-mail: HR@rxlibra.com OR:Contact HR


To expand international market business for Lao pharmaceutical industry,We are looking for pioneering talent to join our team.


1. Develop and implement customer development plans

2. Promote the export and wholesale of the company's products

3. Develop third-party manufacturing orders

4. Respond to customer needs, track and complete customer orders.

5. Work with the medical department to promote the company's brand growth


  1. Medical or pharmacy education background, Will use the Internet to develop customers, good at using computers for document management.
  2. More than 2 years working experience in international trade related sales.
  3. Unlimited nationality, gender, age.

Employment Conditions:

  1. Full-time, 8 hours per day (9:00am-6:00pm, 1 hour lunch break), 5-day working system, other vacation time according to company regulations.
  2. The company provides laptops and mobile phones, and computers are given away after working for 3 years.
  3. The company provides lunch.
  4. A customer service staff will be assigned as an assistant after being turned into a regular

Trial period: 1 month

  1. Employees who leave the company for 7 days during the probationary period will not be paid.
  2. If you resign, you must apply in writing 15 days in advance, otherwise the salary will not be approved.

Salary: Basic salary + performance commission

  1. Basic salary: during probationary period: 4 million Lao kip
  2. Basic salary: after regularization: 8 million Lao kip
  3. Performance commission: jointly specify KPI assessment standards and performance commission standards with the company's management.
  4. On-the-job training: Provides basic guidelines

Positive condition:

During the trial period, at least 3 orders or orders with a value of not less than 3,000 US dollars are required.

About company

RxLibra Development operates in the fields of health, medicine and pharmaceuticals, and promotes the development of the medical and pharmaceutical industries through information technology.

RxLibra Pharmaceutical Information Technology Development Service Co., Ltd.Abbreviation: RxLibra Development. Konw More:www.RxLibra.com



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