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Welcome to LienTeh Online Help. If you have a problem or a question, please check out the following links for immediate answers to common queries.

About Registration

You do not need to register to use our basic services, such as product and supplier search and query, which are free and have no hidden costs.

If you register as a member, ordinary users only get subscription qualification, and you may receive subscription updates by email. In fact, this is a function provided to suppliers.

Search Functions

The search function on the PC is more comprehensive than that on the mobile phone.

What can I search for?

You can search for: 

  • Products or Serviecs - by name or by keyword
  • Suppliers - by country

How should I choose keywords to find what I want?

General Search Tips:

  1. Try different keywords.
  2. Avoid vague words with multiple meanings.
  3. Be specific.
  4. Use words that may be in the description of an item you are looking for.
  5. Check your spelling.

Why are some suppliers listed without any contact details or links to websites?

Some suppliers do not currently advertise comprehensive company and product information with LienTeh. However, you can still send them Requests for Information (RFI) through the site. Simply select the product and click on Inquire Now in the search results pages to do this.

Manual inquiry

If you can't find the resources you want, you can ask us directly. Contact:Lien-Teh

Sending Inquiries

Inquire Now

You can send query information about specific products through the website.

However, we do not have the function of browsing and querying records. You need to record which suppliers you have sent queries to.

Online Chat

Buyers and suppliers can communicate in real time using publicly available instant messaging applications.Details of your correspondence will not be available to LienTeh. 

You can get contact information directly in the supplier's file.

What if the supplier doesn't reply to me?

Consult another supplier or Contact us:Lien-Teh

Buyer Needs to Know

How do I pick a supplier?

If a supplier does not look great on the website, it probably will not look great in reality.

In addition, sales and marketing personnel all over the world tend to over promise and insufficient delivery. Therefore, after finding the right supplier, we should establish a long-term cooperative relationship, which can avoid many unnecessary troubles.

What can I do if my goods are not delivered after full payment and how do I avoid this problem?

The best way to protect yourself is to structure your payment terms so that payment and quality of the goods are linked. Make sure to keep the deposit as small as possible and do not make the remaining payments until you or a third party inspection agent has checked the goods.

If the supplier does not deliver the goods after receiving payment, or the order is inconsistent with the physical goods, you can submit it to us if you have reliable evidence. After verification, we will remove the supplier from LienTeh.

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