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LienTeh does not deal with commercial disputes. Our focus is on fraud and counterfeiting.

  1. Fraud: for example, no delivery after collection.
  2. Counterfeiting:Although the laws, regulations and quality standards of various countries are different, businesses must have corresponding licenses that meet local standards in their location.
    • If there is no such permission, we will consider it as making or selling fake goods.
    • If there is such permission, but it does not meet the standards of other countries, we will regard it as a dispute.

If you need a complaint, please send us an email in the following format.

Title Fraud or Counterfeiting+Member name
Evidence or Judicial judgmentIt can be transmitted as an attachment
Contact infoEmail+Other link way

After verification, LienTeh will remove the goods or services involved in the violation or the member's account as appropriate.