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Alba Medical Reserve Collaboration Team short for "ALBA TEAM"

What is ALBA TEAM ?

ALBA TEAM is the system of persons acting in concert.

It is a rapid response mechanism established to meet the challenges of public health crisis, major diseases and rare diseases.

We hope that the cooperation among members can meet the outstanding medical needs.

How does ALBA TEAM work?

ALBA TEAM is divided into demand response and supply response.

Demand response group(shorter form ALBA-D): the demand response is relatively simple. After joining Alba team, members only need to make a commitment. In the face of specific medical needs in the member's location, members should take the initiative to meet the needs.

Supply response group (shorter form ALBA-S): the supply response group needs to reserve materials to meet the demand, which means more capital investment.

ALBA LIST:It is used to publicize to the public the needs that members can respond to, as well as the location and communication methods of members.

For example:Antiprotozoal Agents-Miltefosine(Orphan medicine)

Miltefosine is used to treat Leishmaniasis and Balamuthia amoebic encephalitis(BAE).

  • ALBA-D:Members need to publicize the availability of the drug in their location for a long time.
  • ALBA-S :Members need to stock the drug for a long time.
  • ALBA LIST:Miltefosine supplier-Member Name&Location&Link-ALBA-(D or S)

What will you get after joining the ALBA TEAM?

  1. Join the global medical resource supply chain system.
  2. Publicized in ALBA LIST.
  3. You can use the logo of ALBA TEAM to your business purpose.

How to join  ALBA TEAM ?

Joining ALBA TEAM is not only an honor, but also a responsibility.

Join step:

  1. Open the LienTeh member function.
  2. Application form for admission.
  3. Commitment and willingness to fulfill responsibilities and rights.

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