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LienTeh only provides limited advertising forms and has no data reports such as CPS, CPC and ROI.

Our advertisement is similar to the outdoor billboard on the side of the road. It may bring you business, but it's just to expand popularity.

We have two forms of advertising:

1、Picture ads on the home page of the website

Horse lantern advertising space: at present, there are 3, which can be expanded to 5 advertising spaces.

Fixed display picture advertising space: there are 4 position.

2、Relevant recommended advertising space

After each listing is released, 4 related recommended products will be displayed in "Related Ads".

By default, related ads are random.

However, we can manually specify the content displayed by related ads, which is also an advertising space.

If you are interested, please provide us with the following details and we will arrange to call back.

EmailCompany Name
Phone or whatsappName of person in charge

Email to: with title [Advertising+Registered account name]