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Origin of LienTeh

The “LienTeh.net” originated from theLienTeh Guidein the global COVID-19 pandemic period.

In order to promote cross regional medical balance and improve the accessibility of medical resources, the founders promoted " LienTeh" to develop in the direction of medical resource reserve and cooperation network.

By expanding the medical resource providers distributed in different regions, we can establish an effective resource display for them and develop the close cooperation between them. We believe that in the face of the same epidemic challenge, our medical system can quickly supplement medical resources, respond to the epidemic and ensure the health of all people.

About Cooperation

Because the distribution of medical resources in various countries and regions is not balanced.There are already many cross regional cooperation networks, but at present, there is still no better cooperation mode due to the legal control of various regions and the data protection of enterprises for their own products.

We hope to use the power of the market to drive these distributed and discrete medical resources.

So we provide a free "Post Adz" function.This will be an open and free medical resource market.

About Reserve

When we face public health challenges, organized and rapid action will help us successfully defend human health.

Therefore, we need to reserve medical resources for the treatment of major and rare diseases, including but not limited to medical technology, medical equipment, therapeutic drugs, protective equipment, etc.

Reserve materials need funds. If there is more capital demand and less return on investment, no one will be willing to bear the reserve cost. If there is a distributed network to share the reserve cost, network members are in asymmetric needs and risks, and through the unified cooperation of the network to reduce risks and meet these special needs, maybe we can do better.

ALBA TEAM is a distributed reserve mechanism we created for this purpose.We hope that the whole supply chain capability of "R & D manufacturing distribution" can be integrated among team members.

Is LienTeh a non-profit project ?

How beautiful would the world be if the vision could be realized without money?

We need money to promote the development of "Liande", so we will sell some advertising spaces and sell some content capabilities to commercial companies in exchange for income.

In addition, we will assess the business burden after one year of operation to determine whether to charge members for technical services. If charged, it is expected to start from the number of 100 listing(Below 100 listing free).Instead of charging listing free, we hope to get operational support as much as possible.

If someone is willing to donate a sum of money, we are willing to turn LienTeh into a non-profit project.

Thank you for your concern and support !

Developments beyond 2023

The new content strategy will focus on developments in longevity, one of the most promising and exciting areas of medicine today. Longevity refers to the extension of human lifespan and healthspan by preventing or reversing age-related diseases. LienTeh Networks will provide longevity-related information and services, such as news updates, research reports, product reviews, and more.


LienTeh Network Announces New Content Strategy Focused on Longevity