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Welcome to,Lienteh gives users the opportunity to access medical resources in different countries.The key business information of suppliers provided here can help you find reliable suppliers.

The website is very simple to use. You can search the materials, projects and suppliers you need.

When you use the search bar to search for the selected goods or services, the search results displayed may include goods and services from different countries and similar goods and services provided by local suppliers. You can use the [Language and Type] option in the left navigation menu to filter global goods and services.

You need to discuss one-on-one with the supplier about the import and export process of goods or services, such as tariff, after-sales service and other requirements.

Note: international products may differ from your local version in applicability, default settings, age rating and language. Product labels, manuals and instructions, ingredients, statements, product descriptions, reference values and recommended values do not comply with the standards and practices in your region.

Due to the wide variety of suppliers, as well as different places of use, use environment, use scenarios and use habits, the goods may not or cannot fully meet the purpose of use.

Please fully understand the supplier's information to avoid problems or losses.

If you may have doubts about the resulting transaction, I'm sorry we don't deal with business disputes.

Please read Disclaimers first.

Before you begin, please understand the following: