How to launch Patient Assistance Projects?

Date:2021-09-08 Views: 1,134 Times

ALBA TEAM's PAP is the best certification.

Patient Assistance Programs abbreviated as "PAP".

We don't do business certification for members. We think the best certification is to help the ultimate beneficiaries.

Therefore, joining ALBA TEAM, initiating PAPs, and initiating or participating in at least 2 "PAPs" every year is the best way to demonstrate commercial strength and humanistic care.

How to launch PAP?

Independently select assistance targets and formulate assistance plans.

The participants of the plan, in addition to the initiator, need at least 2 ALBA TEAM members to cooperate.

You can directly contact Lien-Teh as the project partner, but this may require payment to Lien-Teh.

Submit project proposal with title[Launch PAP+ project name]to mailbox

After the audit, the project will be published in ALBA LIST.

That's all.



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