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Project freeze&Congelación del proyecto

The project will not add new suppliers, and the original suppliers will maintain the original conditions. The reasons are as follows: LienTeh Network Announces New Content Strategy Focused on LongevityEN

El proyecto no agregará nuevos proveedores, y los proveedores originales mantendrán las condiciones originales. Las razones son las siguientes:LienTeh Network anuncia una nueva estrategia de contenido centrada en la longevidadES

LienTeh's current business model is a free advertising website.

Even if charge in the future, there will still be at least 100 Listing free advertisements.

After registration and review, registered users can publish advertisements for products and services.

Before advertising,users should pay attention to the following matters:

Before publishing

Before publishing an advertisement, look at the existing advertisement to make sure you know the final release effect.

Free listing page

One listing supports one product picture. Please show different pictures of the same product in listing in different languages.


We use English as a unified identification standard.

You can use titles in various languages, but you need to note a corresponding English noun in the title.

This can help everyone quickly retrieve information.


you can choose to publish to the corresponding language channel.

  1. If there is no language channel you want, you can ask us to add this language.Email to The email header begins with [Add Language].
  2. Note that this site does not support simplified Chinese. You can publish to the traditional Chinese channel.


We support various types of products and services related to medical treatment, from reference agents, clinical trials to finished drugs or distilled water.etc...

  1. If there is no Type channel you want, you can ask us to add this Type.Email to The email header begins with [Add Type].
  2. Note that we won't divide many types too carefully, so you need to submit a description of the types to help us determine the major categories.


You can customize tags in various languages, but at the same time, you should mark a tag that should deal with English.

The English Tag like International nonproprietary name(INN) will help everyone quickly retrieve information.


  1. The size of the product picture is between "400*400pixels" and "560*560pixels"
  2. White background, do not mark any contact information. We have preset this part for you in the member profile.
  3. We don't want over marketed product pictures to affect the user experience, so we will monitor the effect of product pictures.Violation punishment:
    1. For the first violation, we will give a warning.
    2. For the second violation, we will suspend your account for one month.
    3. For the third violation, we will block your account.


You can put external links, but they should be related to the content.


We don't have strict management regulations. We just want every listing published by users to be concise and clear.

LienTeh wish you success in your business transaction...