Become a supplier

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Get a free listing in 3 simple steps:

  • Step 1:Create Account
  • Step 2:Improve company information
  • Step 3:Add Products/ Services

Step1:Create Account

Register as a member

  • Create Account
  • Select the company name as the member name
  • Upload company logo as Avatar

Step2:Improve company information

  • Add address, phone number, e-mail of your company/store/business to get started
  • When adding a website domain name, you need to fill in whether it belongs to HTTP or HTTPS.
  • Try to improve your company's archives as much as possible. Detailed background information is conducive to building trust.

Step3:Add Products/ Services

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  • Minimum 4 products/ services needed for your free listing page.

Verified Supplier

At present, we have no business certification model for supplier.

We encourage members to participate in ALBA TEAM to jointly respond to unmet medical needs.

For suppliers willing to take responsibility, ALBA TEAM is the best certification.

Please understand before use