ALBA Lighting:Covid-19 infection Patient Assistance Programs

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ALBA Lighting:Covid-19 infection Patient Assistance Programs abbreviated as "ALBA Lighting PAP".

Project objectives

The ALBA Lighting PAP aims to help coronavirus infected patients who lack medical resources during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Project application conditions

The applicant must satisfied the following basic conditions, medical conditions and economic conditions at the same time.

Basic conditions

1. Only institutional applications are accepted

It does not accept the application of individual patients, but only the application of institutions or organizations.

Because the rescue needs medical knowledge or multi person cooperation, the patient can recommend to the local organization, and the organization will contact the project team.

2. Organization type

Medical organizations:medical schools, hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, etc

Rescue team:Professional medical rescue team、Other professional rescue teams.

Rescue teams temporarily established by other organizations:such as business associations and trade associations.

As far as we know, many ocean going sailors in the shipping industry need special help.

Medical conditions

In the absence of medical resources:

Special industries: such as mining, shipping...etc...

Special areas: such as poor and war-torn areas

Special circumstances: for example, the run on medical resources leads to the failure of the medical system

Economic conditions

ALBA Lighting PAP adopts a peer-to-peer assistance strategy.

  • If you are a non-profit organization, we give medicine free of charge.
  • If you are a micro organization with less than 10 people, we will give you medicine at the cost price.
  • If you are a small organization with 10-50 people, we will give you medicine at the price of 5% gross profit.
  • If you are an organization with more than 50 people, we will provide assistance in the form of purchase and gift.

Aid Drugs

Types of aid drugs

The drug of choice for our assistance is the Favipiravir,For information on this drug, refer to: COVID-19.

After confirming the application, we will purchase favipiravir directly from India and mail it to the recipient organization.

If necessary and if conditions permit, we can also provide other drugs for COVID-19 infection.

Number of drugs assisted

With favipiravir, it usually takes 5 days for each patient,We offer a high dose version:FabiFlu 800 co-pack

First round assistance

  • Non-profit organization:Number of assistance for 1-10 people
  • Profit organization:Determine the delivery quantity according to the transportation conditions
  • Follow up assistance

  • Non-profit organization:Buy 3 free 2 at the cost price and receive up to 6 bottles of favipiravir free aid drugs again.
  • Profit organization:Determine the delivery quantity according to the transportation conditions
  • Project execution time

    • From September 9, 2021 to December 31, 2021
    • Monday to Friday
    • Working hours:9:00 to 17:30

    Contact information

    Please check ALBA LIST for specific contact information。

    We welcome more professional institutions to join ALBA TEAM and work together to cope with this public health crisis.


    This project is a charitable aid project, and the recipient needs to participate voluntarily.

    We need to disclose the information of the recipient of free medicine to the public.

    All interpretation rights of ALBA Lighting PAP belong to LienTeh.