Lao pharmaceutical company BioSpring announces acquisition agreement with cancer drug company Sailin Biopharma

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  • BioSpring will acquire all formulations, processes and equipment for SAILIN's anticancer drug product line.
  • BioSpring's acquisition of SAILIN includes its brand, but BioSpring does not operate its brand.
  • All acquisitions are expected to be completed by the end of this year.

July 27, 2022, Vientiane, Laos--BioSpring ("BioSpring Group.LTD" "BioSpring Group") announces Acquisition of Laos Anticancer Drug Company Sailin biopharma.

The acquisition is to strengthen BIOSspring's technological advantages and manufacturing capacity in the field of anticancer drugs. SAILIN's product line is mainly focused on the field of oral targeted therapy.

The acquisition is expected to be completed before the end of this year. After the acquisition and integration, BioSpring will not continue to operate the SAILIN brand, but will adopt a single product system.

Through this acquisition, BioSpring has obtained mature formulation processes and manufacturing capacity for at least 12 anticancer drugs.And the necessary development and manufacturing conditions for the continuous development of new products in the field of anticancer drugs.

Samuel, founder and CEO of BioSpring, said: "This acquisition helps us accelerate our planned product pipeline: Targeted Therapy, Antiviral Medications, Consumer Brand..” “We hope that by this time next year, all three product lines will form a certain competitive group.”


About BioSpring

Founded in 2022 at the Vientiane Saiseta Comprehensive Development Zone in Laos, BioSpring is the country's fastest growing generic drug manufacturing company and the country's first pharmaceutical company targeting the international market, serving Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America Americas and many other countries and regions. to know more information.

About Sailin Biopharma

Sailin biopharmaceutical (Laos) co., LTD., and the construction in 2019, is currently the largest and the most technologically advanced Laos anticancer and antiviral drugs production enterprise joint pharmaceutical group co., LTD., a subsidiary of the country's fastest growing large pharmaceutical companies.

Sailin pharmaceutical is a pharmaceutical enterprise management practices, in vientiane Rosetta park covers an area of 60 mu, raw material production and preparation production is equal to one, the company has more than 152 employees.

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