Lao pharmaceutical marketing agency RxLibra announces the launch of an international business access interface

Date:2022-08-08 Views: 370 Times
  • RxLibrary announced to help Lao pharmaceutical industry establish a distribution channel for international market promotion.
  • RxLibrary announced the establishment of a business access interface to help the Lao pharmaceutical industry sell drugs to the international market.
  • RxLibrary announced to help the Lao pharmaceutical industry establish a business access interface for OEM drugs in the international market.

August 08, 2022, Vientiane, Laos--RxLibra ("RxLibra pharmaceutical Sole Co.,Ltd") announced the launch of a business access interface to help Lao pharmaceutical industry enter the international pharmaceutical market.

After 4 months of intense preparatory work, RxLibra established the foundation for business access.This move will help the Lao pharmaceutical industry to receive and process orders from the international market in an orderly manner.

At present, the order processing business foundation for finished drugs has been completed, and the formula manufacturing business is expected to start receiving orders after October this year.

Spencer, founder and CEO of RxLibra, said: "We have established a simple business access interface, and the next step will be to invest in the construction of a business unit, which is mainly for pharmaceutical companies to invest in establishing factories in Laos and submit approval documents to relevant government review agencies.”

About RxLibra

RxLibra is a pharmaceutical industry service provider established in Vientiane, Laos during the Covid-19 pandemic.Established to help the Lao pharmaceutical industry enter the economic cycle of the global market.Visit: to know more information.

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