How to inquire about the product registration information of Lao pharmaceutical companies?

Date:2023-08-27 Views: 581 Times

The Food and Drug Department of the Ministry of Health in Lao PDR is responsible for regulating the registration of pharmaceutical products in the country . They provide a range of forms and guidelines on their website to assist with the registration process .

For instance, you can download the “Request form for Registration of local production (Form 1)” or the “Requested form for registration of local product (Form 2)” from their website . Additionally, there are forms available for importing medicine samples for registration, such as the “Imported medicine-APPLICATION FOR REGISTRATION (Form No.2)” and the “Request for importation of drug samples for registration in Lao PDR (Form1)” .

You can also find a checklist of requirements for registering imported pharmaceutical products on their website This can help ensure that you have all the necessary documentation and information before submitting your application.

The website of the Food and Drug Department of the Ministry of Health