Laos BigBearPharma announces that all production facilities have received GMP licenses from the Lao FDD

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All the past is prologue

VIENTIANE, VIENTIANE, LAO PDR, March 3, 2023 -- BigBear pharmaceutical.LTD (BigBear pharma) announced that it has obtained the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certificate issued by the Lao Food and Drug Regulatory Authority.

The investor team of BigBear pharmaceutical went to Laos to investigate the investment environment in 2021, and formally invested in the construction of production facilities in 2022. After a year of engineering construction and improvement, it obtained the GMP certification issued by the Lao regulatory authority on January 16, 2023.

This approval paves the way for the next step in product marketing authorization for BigBear pharma. The quality system adopted by the Lao food and drug regulatory authorities complies with EU GMP standards.

The CEO of BigBear pharma said: "Thanks to the hard work and efforts of all employees, as well as the support of investors, our manufacturing unit completed the construction and acceptance as scheduled, and at the same time obtained the pharmaceutical production license certification from the Lao regulatory authority. We are the latest generation of pharmaceutical companies in Laos , with a brand new production line and clean workshop. In view of this, I am very happy that we have good competitiveness in Southeast Asia."

About BigBear pharmaceutical. (

BigBear pharmaceutical was established in 2022 with appropriate infrastructure including several separate production areas and associated packaging sections. As the latest generation of pharmaceutical companies in Laos, it has a modern preparation production workshop and is capable of manufacturing tablets, capsules, chronic disease drugs, anticancer drugs, herbal medicines and other main varieties. It can meet the common disease needs of patients in Asia, especially Southeast Asia. to know more information.(As of the date of publication of this manuscript, the website is under construction and is expected to be completed and launched in mid-March.)

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Laos BigBearPharma announces that all production facilities have received GMP licenses from the Lao FDD