Big Bear Pharma participated in the GMP quality improvement meeting organized by the Lao Ministry of Health and WHO

Date:2023-03-06 Views: 527 Times

VIENTIANE, LAO PDR, March 6, 2023 -- The Lao Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization hosted an important GMP quality improvement meeting in Vientiane on March 1, attended by professionals from the local pharmaceutical industry. The purpose of this conference is to improve the quality of medicines in medical facilities in Laos and bring better medical services to the Lao people.

Every country needs a strong, well-established and well-functioning regulatory system to ensure that any publicly released medical product goes through a rigorous evaluation process and meets international standards for quality, safety and efficacy. In Laos, the Lao Ministry of Health plays a key role as the regulatory gatekeeper for the medicines and vaccines used in the country.

Supporting Laos to strengthen its regulatory system is part of WHO's mandate, mandated by its constitution and articulated in various World Health Assembly (WHA) resolutions. Regulatory systems are an important part of health systems and need to be regularly assessed using the WHO Global Benchmarking Tool (GBT). The GBT is the main tool for classifying regulatory systems according to maturity level. It provides a structured approach to assess how well a regulatory system is configured to achieve desired outcomes.

In this meeting, representatives from BigBearPharma company also participated in this event. As an emerging pharmaceutical company in Laos, BigBearPharma has been committed to improving the quality of medicines and has made great contributions to the local medical and health undertakings.

The representative of WHO introduced WHO's GMP quality control standards and practical experience in the field of WHO/TGA Following-up Mission in this meeting. In addition, the representatives also conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions with participating experts to jointly optimize the drug quality control standards of medical facilities and make contributions to the medical and health cause of Laos.

The successful holding of this meeting is of great significance for promoting the promotion and development of Laos' medical services. It also made everyone more deeply aware of the importance of GMP quality control, and hoped that more companies would pay attention to and actively participate in the development and progress of this field.

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BigBear pharmaceutical was established in 2022 with appropriate infrastructure including several separate production areas and associated packaging sections. As the latest generation of pharmaceutical companies in Laos, it has a modern preparation production workshop and is capable of manufacturing tablets, capsules, chronic disease drugs, anticancer drugs, herbal medicines and other main varieties. It can meet the common disease needs of patients in Asia, especially Southeast Asia.

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